Neighborhood: Canarsie, Brooklyn
Address: 9820 Seaview Ave.
Notable residents: Howard Schultz, John Salley

Brooklyn's Bayview Houses were built in 1956, bringing 23 eight-story buildings to the borough. The Bayview Houses are home to roughly 3,487 residents, who live inside of 1,610 apartments across its 34 acres. Posted in Canarsie, the Bayview Houses were the humble origin of billionaire Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who previously owned the Seattle Supersonics before selling the team to Clayton Bennett so they could piss off Seattle basketball fans and become the Oklahoma City Thunder. Speaking of basketball, former NBA player, actor and talk show host John Salley also lived in Bayview. Salley is known for being the first player to win an NBA championship on three different teams (the Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers) and for being hilariously disrespected by the pint-sized Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys.