You've been planning this date since she backed it up at the club. You skimped on lunch all week (#struggleplate) and scraped enough coins for this fancy dinner. It's a few dates in and tonight is the night. You know it, she knows it and the 16-year-old kid who scanned your condoms at Duane Reade knows it, too (props to you for resisting the urge to fist bump). The 3 push ups you did in the bathroom definitely made a difference, but you forgot one key thing: eating Oatmeal to get you through this (hopefully) long night.

Oats, and 24 other unexpected food stuffs, make an appearance on this list dedicated to making you better in bed. She might not be complaining, but it's never killed anybody to up their game, especially in the bedroom. So we found these 25 things you can eat that will make you better in bed. Don't act like you don't need it.

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