Location: Post Falls, Idaho
Founded: 2000
Where to get it: Select coffee shops throughout Eastern Washington, North Idaho, Montana and Utah; De Luxe in Brooklyn; online at domacoffee.com
Roaster recommends: Ethiopia Gelena Abaya. This naturally processed limited summer release shipped in a decorated steel can with juicy red fruit flavors and is best brewed with a Chemex, hot or iced.

DOMA's philosophy is to "be a force for good, not for evil," according to owner Terry Patano and roaster Rebecca Hurlen Patano, the husband-wife duo that runs this supremely fun, environmentally-focused roasting company in Northern Idaho. To maximize the good they're doing, they focus on treating producers fairly—they belong to a cooperative of 23 North American roasters dedicated to Fair Trade sourcing—and minimizing the environmental impact of their roasting process. The roastery uses a low-energy Loring Smartroast roaster, which cuts gas use by 80 percent as compared to conventional roasters while increasing control over the roasting process, and the company composts and recycles aggressively, among a slew of other sustainability initiatives.

DOMA also offers one of the best coffee buying deals out there: Bring them some vinyl records, and they'll trade you for coffee. They say they're good on Black Sabbath, Herb Alpert, and Steely Dan records, but something more topical, like a 12-inch of Yung Joc's "Coffee Shop," might be just the ticket.