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As September 17 approaches, Rockstar Games released a new set of screenshots for GTA V which have been causing quite the uproar.
The screenshots give a deeper look into the game and feature everything from a shootout with the cops, aeriel views of the skyline at night, scuba divers, and even submarines. With a new trailer of the online play released last week, and an official game trailer that was released just a few days ago, the hype behind GTA V is at a all time high and may drive more people out to purchase the year's already most anticipated game.

Alongside the new screenshots released today, Gamestop is hoping to giveaway one of the most popular cars in series. The Bravado Banshee has become the most iconic car in the series since its first appearance in GTA III, and now Rockstar and West Coast Customs are taking this from the virtual world to your driveway....hopefully. Gamestop is holding a contest for one lucky fan to win the car in their "lottery". If you're interested in entering the lottery, registration can be easily done right here. Sorry to our international readers, but the contest is only available in the US. 

Check out the new screens and the Banshee as imagined by West Coast Customs below, and be sure to enter for your chance to win as the contest ends September 30.

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