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Give Robert Pry credit for being dedicated to his high, as if that's something to be proud of. Employees at a Jonesboro, Ark. Kmart discovered the 21-year-old passed out in the storage area after sneaking into the store to huff 16 cans of air duster. According to KAIT8, Pry slipped into the store prior to closing and went into hiding. Once the premises was clear, he collected a bunch of cans and got to huffing.

What's more (like, more alarming), Pry was already hopped up on $100 worth of air duster that he had blown through on Saturday. 

When Kmart workers found him, he was reportedly "covered in vomit and urine." He explained that he had blown all of his money on air duster and simply "wanted more." Pry, who says he's "addicted" to huffing, was charged with commercial burglary and several other offenses.

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