It's been over fifty years since President Eisenhower warned against the creation of the "military-industrial complex." A quick glance at our nation's half-trillion dollar defense budget confirms that we have not heeded the General's warning. As the nature of warfare evolves with each new conflict and combat occurs on a conventional battlefield less and less, the United States has opted to explore some creative and terrifying methods of protecting the Homeland. We now live in a country where the intimate personal details of a citizen can be discovered from a mile a way and where weapons guide themselves to their intended targets. The U.S. Military has cultivated myriad methods for incapacitating the enemy in their never-ending quest for supremacy. Sure, we can kill them, but we can also stun them, blind them, and make them vomit, if Uncle Sam is feeling especially humanitarian that day. From technology that analyzes your body with microscopic accuracy to annhilating miles of land in one fell swoop, here is Our Government's Scariest Technology.