Can't say this is much of a surprise, but probably a bummer to any tweens you know: According to The Wrap, the upcoming sequel to this year's The Mortal Instruments film adaptation has been put on hold indefinitely after the first film, City of Bones, completely tanked in the box office. 

The franchise, which is based on the YA books of the same name by Cassandra Clare, premiered with the first film last month. Though starring a teen dream cast—Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, and Robert Sheehan—it only managed to gross $58 million worldwide, which is terrible considering the budget for the film was $60 million. The sequel was to be titled City of Ashes, and was set to feature Sigourney Weaver with production beginning next week.

There's no word on if production will ever resume on the film, but it probably won't—studios don't exactly enjoy when their films produce no profit whatsoever. 

[via The Wrap]