Out of all the insane innovations and clever designs Hideo Kojima has come up in the 15 years since Metal Gear Solid, uh, solidified his place among the gaming greats (y’know, more than it already was), bringing the iconic stealth series into an open-world setting allowing for complete player freedom is perhaps one of the most significant notions video games’ preeminent auteur has ever set out to do.

The reason of course isn’t just so players can approach Punished Snake’s mission through Afghanistan (and assuredly many other locales) however they want – that would be too straightforward for Kojima. He also wants fans to be able to interact with MGSV using smartphones, tablets and probably other touchscreen devices as a second screen, according to an interview with OPM UK.

What does that mean? No one can say, really. Not yet, at least. But we do know that the eccentric “70 percent movies” director means to give players some sort of toolset so that they can design and share their own user-created missions within the larger operations of the game world. Suddenly the very recent opening of Kojima Productions’ slick new LA studio makes a lot more sense – even outside of their involvement with the revival of Metal Gear Online as part of MGSV.

In Kojima we should all trust, even if the man can’t be trusted a lot of the time. But in terms of Metal Gear and ambition, any news or innovative implementations can’t be a bad thing. Check out the full story here.