When a show is as epic as Breaking Bad is, it's hard to pull off a really great parody that doesn't just come off as stupid, or overdoing it—so it's refreshing to see that Jimmy Fallon managed to accomplish that and more with his new epic Breaking Bad parody, Joking Bad.

Running at about 13-minutes long, the clip puts Fallon (donning a bald cap, of course) in Walter White's place, and jokes in the place of the meth. After being told that he only has six more months left at Late Night, Fallon turns to the streets, and his announcer, Steve Higgins, who has been selling jokes on the black market.

Seeing an opportunity, Fallon adopts a new alias for his illegal dealings—Falsenberg—and gets into the black market joke business with Steve. Some highlights: Bryan Cranston throws a pizza, Aaron Paul boos them from the audience, Colin Quinn channels Tuco at the Comedy Cellar, and Hector Salamanca returns in an extremely unexpected way.

You can check the clip out above.