Rockstar has launched a Grand Theft Auto V spoof social site called Lifeinvader. It includes profiles for characters and brands from the GTA universe. Our favorite tag line: Lifeinvader, "where your personal information become a marketing profile (that we can sell)." Geez, good thing we don't have anything like that in the real world.

Grand Theft Auto V will have a full in-game Internet, not to mention stock market, that we guess your character will have a profile on it. Does this mean we have to start trolling on the GTAV Internet now? It's hard enough to keep up with our real-world trolling. Sign into your own Rockstar Social Club and "stalk" profiles.

Grand Theft Auto V drops in just V days. Stay tuned for your hands on preview and don't ruin it for yourself by reading all those spoilers.

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[Via IGN]