While we are all basking in the humbling glow of Grand Theft Auto V it should be noted that those among us who consider themselves strict PC gaming devotees are left pale-faced, as no PC version has been released yet.

Not there isn't support for it. The Change.org petition asking Rockstar for a PC release has reached nearly half a million signatures and shows no sign of slowing. Yes, the PC crowd wants their own copies to play, but let's be honest, what they really want to do is mod. And thank god for them.

GTAIV has been the modding platform of choice since its release on PC and the results have been amazing. Being able to adjust the physics, level design, and character art have all provided modders an outlet with which to experiment. We've been treated to Vanessa Carlton playing over CJ riding a piano, Marty McFly in a Back to The Fututre mod with real time-travel, and most impressively, an Iron Man game that actually seems like it's worth playing.

Here would be our first picks for a PC mod of Grand Theft Auto VThe Best "Grand Theft Auto V" Mods We Hope to See on PC.

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