The naming of a dilapidated district in Grand Theft Auto V "Hawick" could destroy the real-life Scottish town's reputation, according to the city's councilor David Paterson. Paterson told BBC News that the reference could "destroy the reputation" of the real town because of "adverse publicity."

"Why did they pick on Hawick?" said Paterson. "It is a lovely town."

The series has a history of "tongue-in-cheek" references including those about Scotland since Rockstar North, the game's developer, are based in Edinburgh. The town's Member of Scottish Parliament John Lamont has invited GTAV's producers to visit Hawick, apparently to clear up the confusion.

Lamont explains his frustrations with Grand Theft Auto V: "Not only is it a game which includes violence, sex and drugs, but the game's producers themselves describe the area of Hawick in the game as having a 'drug addict hipster vibe'.

No word yet on Rockstar North's plans to make peace with the real-world Hawick but it's safe to say that if the town hadn't made these comments no one outside of the U.K. would have realized it was a real place.

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[Via BBC News]