Fictional inspiration: Tony Montana 
Real world inspiration:
John Roberts

The Rockstar teams are obviously huge, Scarface fans. The inspiration of Brian de Palma's film can be felt in every nook of Vice City. The perfectly curated 1980s radio stations in Vice City are crammed with songs from the Scarface soundtrack.

The game is an homage, and made the failing of the tragic Scarface: The World is Yours, all the more bitter. Tommy's absurd mansion is almost identical to Tony Montana's. Robert Loggia, (Frank Lopez in Scarface), even made a cameo as Ray Machowsi in GTA III.

John Roberts was was a noted drug trafficker and government informant that operated in Miami in the 1980s. He had connections to both the Medellin and Gambino crime families. He was featured in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys and profiled in the book American Desperado. Roberts was one of the architects of the modern, organized drug racket late 70s and 80s Miami. He made millions off of dealing cocaine and is an obvious influence on both Vercitti and Montana.