I'm immediately and instantly overwhelmed with how big this map is. Los Santos and Blaine country are intimidating in all the right ways—"monstrous" is the only word I can come up with. I've logged over 80 hours in Skyrim and I understand how scale can be used to dwarf a player, but this map has me grinning like a retired linebacker with a nitrous addiction.

You'll instantly notice how improved the driving mechanic is in the game. GTA IV  was rightfully criticized for shoddy vehicle handling. The spinning out for no reason, slipping off the road like someone coated your tires in KY, and generally not adhering to any physics whatsoever? All gone. Realistic driving that's tough but fair is the order of the day. I find myself trying to explore as much of Los Santos while listening to Ice Cube on the West Coast only hip-hop station.

With this seemingly endless universe open before me, I fall prey to my ADD and choose to watch a movie downtown. I catch the 2pm showing of The Loneliest Robot in Britain. It's an animated short that scathingly skewers income inequality, the death of the middle class, the loss of the manufacturing industry thanks to outsourcing, the mortgage crisis, and infidelity.

The film ran eight minutes and was a perfect satirical appetizer on the modern human condition. I left the movie theatre knowing that a life of crime is somehow justified in the face of what can only be seen as institutionalized disenfranchisement.