Now that the Fifty Shades of Grey mania is finally beginning to die down a little—at least, until the movie is released—the UK has found themselves with a gigantic problem: People want to get rid of their books, but they can't recycle them because the glue used to bind the pages is unrecyclable.

Instead, according to The Telegraph, they're donating the books, and booksellers are ending up with "paper mountains" of unwanted Fifty Shades copies. As one books manager put it: "Nobody wants it anymore."

Considering how apocalyptic "paper mountains" of Fifty Shades sounds, this is probably the way the world will end. We'll all be buried in copies unwanted softcore erotica novels, covered in papercuts and suffocating to death against the chapter where Christian Grey discusses his "play room." 

Ben Wadsworth, Marketing Manager, said: "We have thousands of copies of all the Fifty Shades books, but we've stopped selling them because no one was buying them...people are offloading them now in droves as all the hype has died down, its [sic] becoming a paper mountain."

They plan to put the books back on sale when the film is released as they are hoping demand will increase again.

The sad thing is, with the movie coming out next year, it probably will. Hopefully, this will serve as a warning for people to buy a Kindle or electronic version if they really feel the need to, or at least figure out a way to recycle the damn things. I don't want to die under piles of used Fifty Shades books—do you?

[via Jezebel]