After the scandal where Apple was found guilty of conspiring to fix e-book prices in order to get other retailers to raise their prices, five publishers have agreed to pay back customers in a $95 million settlement. 

This means, you can get up to $3.06 back if you bought an e-book from April 2010 to May 21, 2012, either through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Apple, if  that book was featured on the New York Times bestseller list. If it wasn't, then you can only get $.73 back, oddly enough. The payment will come as either as store credit for whatever retailer you bought it from, or as a check (take the check.) Final numbers could be slightly different since publishers Macmillan and Penguin are still figuring out their settlements. Here is the text to the settlement below:

[via Gizmodo]