An upstate New York man died over the weekend, the victim of his own booby trap. Daniel Ricketts was riding on an ATV Saturday afternoon when he was almost decapitated by an near invisible wire he allegedly strategically placed to protect his Albany County marijuana harvest. According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, the wire was one of the security measures the 50-year-old installed to protect his four large marijuana plants. The New York Post says the wire looked to be the kind used in pianos.

Apple added that a leg trap akin to those used to catch coyotes and barbed wire were found near the scene. During an interview with ABC 10, he denounced Ricketts' use of these traps because they could be hazardous to people like hikers.  "It's ridiculous to [set booby traps] because you're talking about going from a low level charge of possessing marijuana to possible manslaughter," he said.

The investigation continues and authorities suspect that alcohol played a role in Ricketts' death.

[via Gothamist and New York Post]