Famously harassed ex-BioWare writer, Jennifer Hepler, will join Kickstarter project Ambrov X if it can meet it stretch goals. Ambrov X is a sci-fi RPG set in the universe of author Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime-Gen novel series.

Indie developer Loreful launched the Ambrov X campaign just two days ago and have so far raised $26,041 of its initial $500,000 goal. Hepler’s involvement however is contingent on Loreful making a $750,000 stretch goal.

Hepler tweeted her support: "If you like story-driven SF with romance and twisted, co-dependent relationships (and who doesn't?), this is for you." She also wrote her decision of support on Ambrov X's Kickstarter page.

Helper left BioWare last month to pursue freelance work and complete a book. Helper became famous for the amount of fan rage she received because of interviews in which she gave her opinion of gaming. Specifically that she wanted to skip combat sections in games. Her departure followed death threats from BioWare fans when her involvement on Dragon Age 2 was announced.

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[Via EuroGamer]