The hallmark of a great game is often the plot twist but, let’s face it, they rarely succeed. Let’s look at ten games that did it right. They drew us it and smacked us around, sometimes leaving us confused and sometimes charging us forward to victory.

Some twists are just strange. Did a single person feel fulfilled at the end of Super Mario Bros. when the Princess is, yet again, in another castle? At the end of Metroid when the plasma blaster wielding Samus Aran is revealed as female, we shouldn’t have been surprised but in the heyday of boys-only gaming culture it came as a shock.

Sometimes plot twists are just confusing. In Halo: Combat Evolved we found ourselves going back to the box and wondering if we’d bought the wrong game, what the hell is the Flood? Did I spoil Halo for you? Well be warned, there are tons of spoilers to come.

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