There are so many buttons...
That's the first thing we thought when we saw the Super Nintendo controller for the first time.
It was no longer just A and B. We now had A, B, X, Y, and two shoulder buttons, L and R. Nintendo had created something both complex and accessible. Even today, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft controllers copy that original design layout. They have only been able to improve upon the Super Nintendo's compact efficiency.
The 16-Bit Era, with its improved technology, allowed developers to tell stories of greater complexity and resonance. We watched Mario and Sonic move about in bold, vibrant colors, and we gasped as 3D gaming took its first, fledgling steps. The 16-Bit Era was a time of change, excitement, and competition. Were you a Nintendo kid or a Sega kid? These things mattered, especially when you had to decide which friends to hang out with during your summer vacation.
We're counting down the Top 20 Video Game Songs from the 16-Bit EraThese are the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis tunes that are still stuck in our heads, even after all these years,