Amazon is back for another round in the tablet wars, and this time it is lacking a little extra heat.

The company introduced its newest kindle Fire HDX line-up, 7-inch and 8.9-inch models that come packed with more pixels per square inch than Apple's iPad, and sharper colors than last year's models. Probably it's newest crazy feature is something they're calling "MayDay": if at any point you feel a little overwhelmed with your new tablet, and can't figure out how to tweak settings or do something, you can hit the MayDay button and a live customer service rep will appear on screen, at any time during the day or night. They will be able to take control of the device or use on-screen scribbles to help you out (your mic will be activated, but your camera will not.)  The new tablets will get Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, which is a top of the line feature for any tablets that come with it.  Amazon also says that the HDX editions are three times faster than the original, and graphics are four times as fast. Another cool feature: you can now download Amazon Prime Instant movies for offline viewing.

Amazon is also cutting the price of its entry-level Kindle Fire HD, making it $139 for the 8 GB tablet—and that's just $20 more than Amazon's new e-reader, Paperwhite. The Kindle Fire will be getting a new magnesium allow body like the newer HDX editions, but the rest of the gears inside will remain the same. 

They're coming November 7, with the 7-inch model is going for $230, and the 8.9-inch for $380 without LTE. With LTE, they jump to $330 and $480.

 [via Gizmodo]