The Bureau: XCOM Declassified live-action series that started with Burn Room finales with The Aftermath.

This completes the live-action series before for The Bureau's release on August 20. The Burn Room series, directed by Henry Hobson and starting Dominic Monaghan as agent Ennis Cole, follows a first encounter with the Outsider invaders in the small town of Pima. The invaders have destroyed agent Cole’s family and town; with nothing left to lose he throws himself into a hopeless battle.

The Aftermath is the finale of the series and sums up all the videos in grand emotional style. If you're not a fan of the XCOM series this might change your mind. The quality of the series is surprising and clearly 2K spared no expense in capturing the period and horror aspects of The Bureau. This is not your brightly colored cartoon alien game and the live-action series represents this perfectly, just ask Orbit the Clown.

Check out our hands-on preview with the game and the other videos in the Burn Room series.

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