Chain: Denny's
Introduced: n/a

Denny's has got to be the most underrated fast food joint out there. But with 1,600 restaurants in the U.S. alone, as well as Denny's in Canada, South America, Japan, New Zealand, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates, we'd say the pancake house is doing pretty well for itselfmost likely because of their bomb ass desserts. At Denny's, you can pick up anything from a sundae to a float. Their best frozen treat, however, aren't any of the regular sundaes, shakes, or floats. For the best of Denny's, you'll want to try their Hot Fudge Brownie a la Mode. This dessert is perfect because you can have your brownie and eat it too. The scoop of ice cream perfectly balances out the huge slice of brownie, which would ordinarily be too overpowering, but in Denny's case, is on-point.

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