Did The Project Meet Its Pledge: Yes
Location: Brooklyn, NY

If you had the ability to control your dreams would you? If this is rhetorical we apologize; not everybody wants to be a lucid dreamer. Well, Remee wants to help you with that. Remee, a "rem enhancing eyemask," is meant to trigger lucidity when you're sleeping, leading to (hopefully) the ability to be able to control your dreams. Sure, it looks like an average eyemask, but inside is a micro controller that flashes lights (rest assured, they won't wake you) when you're at the peak of sleep. Of course it sounds too good to be true (some people have bought a Remee only to be extremely disappointed) but a lot of people bought into Bitbanger Labs' creation. They wanted $35,000 and received $572,891. The people behind Remee have made their dreams into a reality: becoming money-making entrepreneurs

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