Men hate to admit that they aren't over their ex. No sooner do we end the cycle of make-up sex, fighting, break-up sex, and packing our shit than we start telling everyone just how little we think about the girl who just walked away. You're welcome to keep telling your boys that you never think about her, that you've moved on, that you were just in it for the sex, but whatever lie you choose, just don't lie to yourself.

Odds are that you'll endure months of wrestling with the memories of your relationship before you can finally put it behind you. Rather than spending that time telling yourself that you don't care about her and drinking until you believe it, be honest with yourself. If you're one of those guys who have buried his feelings as deeply as possible, beneath layers of liquor, random hook-ups, and obsessing over your fantasy football team, it might be time to admit that even though your girl is no longer in your bed, she's still taking up space in your mind. Here are 10 Signs That You Aren't Over Your Ex.

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