To most, Ian Padgham had an ideal job. He worked as an in-house video producer for Twitter and lived in San Francisco. But for Ian it was't enough. And after a dozen offers from brands to have him help shape their company aesthetic, he quit Twitter. As of this past Monday, Ian is a professional Viner.

"We’re in this moment where Vine is really catching on and there were opportunities coming up to make some stuff [for brands and advertisers], so I wanted to take a risk," he recently told BuzzFeed. "I’d never done a small business and I think, as an American, you owe it to yourself to do a small business at some point, and I decided to create a little business and make some Vines for companies and see what I can do. I’m also gonna do a bunch more stuff on my own time. I didn’t want to be down the road and wonder what could have been. So, I’m on day two of unemployment and am waiting to see what happens with the whole independent filmmaker thing. I’m excited and scared, and hopefully it will be awesome." 

Sink or swim, Ian seems up to the task. On Thursday he tweeted: "It feels great to be taking a risk. Even if I fail massively, I will have followed my passion :)"

 [via BuzzFeed]