Picture this scenario as the pilot episode of a rural Breaking Bad spin-off.

On Monday night, Sonny Hyatt, Thomas Imler and Eric Schmidt were wandering through the woods near Lenoir, N.C. in search of ghosts. Only they weren't in search of ghosts—they were in search of a place to cook meth. One of them just told the police that they were ghost hunting when he called 911 because they got lost. Yes, one of these bumbling idiots called the cops and exposed their doomed amateur operation. All criminals get caught eventually; the stupid ones tend to get caught immediately.

The trio got into an argument after failing miserably to set up a cooking site, so Imler and Schmidt bailed on Hyatt (pictured above). Alone in the woods, he called 911, explaining that he was lost. When grilled about why he was in the woods, he explained that he was looking for ghosts, a response that should've illicited laughter before the unavoidable interrogation. During said interrogation, Hyatt confessed that he and his comrades were in the woods looking for an ideal spot to cook meth. They were apparently afraid to set up shop in an apartment because they were afraid of being caught. The wilderness only further exposed their ignorance.

Imler and Schmidt were eventually arrested as well, and all three were charged with possission of methamphetamine precursor chemicals and manufacture of methamphetamine—both of which are felonies. 

We miss you already, Walter White.

[via Gawker]

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