Whether you thought BioShock’s controversial new direction was a positive or negative for the series, there’s little point in denying the series’ essence really goes back to Rapture. Creative Director Ken Levine is aware of this—and in a recent interview with IGN he discussed what that means for Infinite’s Burial At Sea DLC, which takes place in Rapture before its fall.

“We actually talked about palette a lot when we started on this DLC, about sort of the gem tones of the look and the kind of color saturation we’d have, the way the light would play off things,” said Levine in the interview, a joint discussion with lead animator Shawn Robertson and level designer Amanda Jeffrey. “Rapture after the fall is mostly lit by the greens and blues of the ocean, where here the colors of the interior space are very much about the lights in the space as compared to the lighting of the ocean. And I think that’s one thing the artists identified very quickly as a visual difference that this would have in identifying what pre-fall Rapture looks like.”

Aside from waxing aesthetic on how to visually create a space that  had to be both familiar and new to players—and interesting enough concept in and of itself—Levine also said that the first half of the DLC won’t feature combat.

“ It’s just playing in that world, you know, the Rapture you’d never really seen before, and watching Booker and Elizabeth use their wits to solve a problem and just soak in the atmosphere,” Levine said.
Not to worry though, Levine emphasized that Burial At Sea will still be about Booker and Elizabeth, keeping a consistent tone with Infinite. Read the whole interview via the link below.