Grand Theft Auto Online launches on October 1, and a new feature has been revealed for players who pick up the $150 Collector's Edition of Grand Theft Auto V that allows gamers to play online as the children of some of GTA's most notorious protagonists.

All GTA Online players will all be able to customize characters, but only owners of the Collector's Edition will be able to pull from the GTA all-star series roster. According to an official Rockstar news release:

"GTA Online introduces a new spin on traditional character creation with the hereditary-based creation system. Select your character’s appearance by choosing your parent’s heritage, then use the gene dominance meter to dial-in which parent your appearance favors more. Additionally, you'll customize your character's daily activities - everything from family time to illegal work and sports to couch potato hours all have an impact on your character’s appearance and skill set (and you can always rank up your skill stats more via gameplay). As part of the Collector’s Edition package, you'll get Niko Bellic, along with both Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III to use as parent options within the character creation system."

Check out the rest of the goodies included in the Collector's Edition ahead of the release on September 17, and Grand Theft Auto Online drops on October 1.

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[Via Rockstar Games]