Things are coming to a slow halt over at BlackBerry: today the company announced that it would be forming a special committee to oversee options in reversing the smartphone maker's slow descent into oblivion; and these options reportedly go in as far as looking for companies to partner up with, or an outright sale of the company, according to the NY Times.

This is coming just about a year after the company launched BlackBerry 10, and changed its name from RIM to BlackBerry. Things haven't been clicking with consumers, as Samsung, Apple and other smartphone makers jumped into the touchscreen market far earlier than they. As of now, BlackBerry only owns about 2.9 percent of the smartphone market, while Android and Windows are enjoying increasing market share, ones that BlackBerry may never be able to trump. Hey, it's a crowded race, and BlackBerry lost $84 million just this last quarter.

In a press release, the company said, "There can be no assurance that this exploration process will result in any transaction."