Let's not fool ourselves: The only reason any of us are here is either Winnie Cooper, or the bearshark. For those of you in the former group: Yes, Danica McKellar is indeed present in this video, and yes, she does indeed kiss Avril Lavigne. Also, Avril calls her Winnie, which makes us wonder if we're supposed to look at this video as some sort of weird, Wonder Years spin-off, set in a dystopian future where Billy Zane has a segway that flies, and bearsharks are a thing. Was that the idea they had for a reunion movie?

For those of you in the latter, though: No, this music video isn't anything like Sharknado, except the CGI really sucks. Sorry.

You can check out the music video above. You might want to have your finger on the 'mute' button before you hit play.

[via Vulture]