"Legally blind." "97 years old." "Artist." These things combined are rarely used to describe any one person. But Hal Lasko is all three.

That's not where it ends. Yes, Hal Lasko is legally blind, 97 years old, and an artist, but the canvas for his art is also surprising: he uses Microsoft Paint, for Windows 95. Lasko is the subject of the new short film, "The Pixel Painter," where he takes viewers through the process of his art—art that he spends 10 hours of his day on. "You know I do a lot of my painting with me eyes shut?" Lasko asks at the opening of the film. "I jumped up out of bed and went to the computer to see if I could do what I dreamed I could do."

Lasko's paintings, if we could call them actual paintings, are impressive on all counts. They resemble 8-bit art and pointillism, a technique that was developed in the 1880s and adopted by artists such as Georges Seurat and Vincent van Gogh.

You can purchase some of Lasko's prints online, and check out the short film from Josh Bogdan above.