Love or or hater her, Anita Sarkeesian created the biggest dent in the armor of sexism in video games.

Anita's online Tropes vs. Women video series caused waves of controversy but not because of what she said. It was the trolling of her Kickstarter campaign and the legion of despicable comments that drew the attention from the gaming media and supporters of her cause. There were hacking attempts on her website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, hateful memes created and even a browser based game where the player would beat her up until the screen turned blood red.

It was the supporters who ultimately won as Sarkeesian was able to raise over $150,000 and go on to produce part two of Tropes vs. Women. Although the stream of hatred continues with every new video Anita puts out, her cause remains un-shaken as the discussion of reshaping the images of women takes a more prominent position.