PETA, the well-meaning animal rights group that educates people on animal cruelty, sometimes undermines their own movement and looks pretty silly.

Case in point: Assassin’ Creed 4: Black Flag features a storyline where the lead character will go whaling at some point. Even though no one has played the game yet PETA insists the whaling scenes be taken out.

PETA has a history of not only taking game-violence against animals very seriously but also making games about game violence such as the deeply disturbing Pokemon: Black & Blue. Players venture through a land of skinned Pokemons that are being horribly tested and your reward? Videos about animal cruelty.

Unfortunately PETA keeps missing the point of these video game moments, it’s about causing a reaction in the players, like in Call of Duty: World at War where killing a dog is necessary but distasteful. What is PETA’s favorite video game? Besides the games they create such as Mario Kills Tanooki and The Pirates of the Carob Bean they seem to love Nintendogs. Don’t we all.