In March Adam ‘Always On’ Orth (AKA Adam ‘deal with it’ Orth) became the first sign of the fragility of Microsoft’s new Digital Rights Management (DRM) policies regarding the Xbox One when he went and got himself Internet famous.

Orth emptied his brain on Twitter in response to concerned gamers about the announced always-on Xbox One. This was directly in the wake of the recent crap-storm that was the launch of the SimCity reboot. He said he just didn't get the drama around have an always-on console

“Every device now is ‘always on’. That’s the world we live in #dealwithit”

Orth perfectly showed the dichotomy of Microsoft’s directors and most customers Internet realities, which is taxed and spotty at best.

Microsoft quickly distanced itself from Orth and he was cast off like last weeks cache dump. In June, following E3, Microsoft buckled and reversed its DRM policies completely, no longer requiring the constant connection or constant check-ins among other annoying things. But don’t worry kids Adam Orth has a new career, Orth will be giving speeches on “Toxic Online Behavior” at this year’s GDC and how it gets you fired from the greatest job in the world #dealwithit.