Tim Leong knows everything there is to know between the sheets. Of comic books, that is. In his new book, Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe (Chronicle Books), the award-winning art director and designer, who founded and edited the Eisner Award–nominated magazine Comic Foundry, and also served as Design Director for Complex and Director of Digital Design for Wired Magazine, took his lifelong love of comic books and his passion for design and mashed them up into a series of eye-pleasing infographics that make sense of the medium's poorly catalogued history.

Have you ever wondered: How the hell are all the characters of the Marvel universe connected, and which of them has won the most battles? How much money have comic book movies made historically and how they have fared on Rotten Tomatoes? What does the job force look like after all but one man have died in Y: The Last Man? In what order should I read the panels of Japanese manga? Tim answers these and myriad other comic-related questions with bold, colorful charts and graphs that show you without forcing you to strain your eyes on  text. 

In the interest of transparency, Tim is a friend, so even if his book sucked I would suggest that you order copies for the entire family and all your comic-loving friends. Fortunately, Super Graphic and suckiness exist in separate dimensions, far, far away from each other (there would be no overlap in one of Tim's Venn diagrams). Boasting plentiful nuggets, from the charted trajectory of naughty cartoon Calvin's infamous urine stream to a breakdown of all the different kinds of arrows that Green Arrow and Hawkeye shoot, the book demands that every self-respecting comic book head get their hands on a copy. For a small taste of the design, see the additional images above, then check out 10 Fascinating Things We Learned About Comic Books From Tim Leong's Super Graphic.

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Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)