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Where: Yonkers, N.Y.
Specializing in: Vinyl, CDs, demos and mixtapes from local artists

Music Man was known almost exclusively by Yonkers residents, as the selection was small and the Getty Square section of town where it was located was anything but a tourist destination. Instead, the local vibe benefited local artists. Neighborhood superstars like Bill Blass and DMX often sold demos and mixtapes in there as far back as the early to mid '90s. If my memory serves me correctly, a then on the come-up Warlox (who later became The Lox) also had some demo tapes in either Music Man or another local spot, one of which a friend of mine had and passed on to me. By the time I made an effort to get back over there years later, the store was gone. If nothing else, I'll always prop up Music Man for doing something that New York stopped doing—supporting its locals! They also held down consignment rap long before many others did.