Denise Richards used to be a promising young actress. She made out with Neve Campbell in Wild Things. Hell, she was a Bond girl. But then she married Charlie Sheen. His behavior overtook both of their careers, most famously when he trashed his room at the Plaza Hotel with an escort while Richards and their two daughters slept a few doors down. Her Ryan Seacrest-produced reality show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated only lasted two seasons—probably because it featured her doing things like going to the DMV.

But there is one thing that makes us think she’s primed for another reality show. In one episode, Richards decides to talk to Lycia Naff from People to set the story straight regarding Sheen and her affair with Richie Sambora. It doesn’t exactly go as planned, though, and Richards ends up storming off and calling the journalist a cunt. That’s some Real Housewives tantrum-throwing right there. She's born for this.