The latest news in the summer that will most definitely haunt Paula Deen for the rest of her days is actually a win, something of a rarity for the celebrity chef this past month.

In the wake of her racist comments, she's seen a substantial loss in corporate sponsors, lost her TV series, and had a book planned for October pulled by Random House - before being dropped by them altogether. She probably won't have trouble finding another publisher soon though, seeing as her backlist is currently flying off the shelves.

In the week ending June 30, Deen sold over 4,000 books. The week before that she pushed a mere 500. Paula Deen's New Testament, the book originally set to drop in October, is #1 on Amazon off of pre-orders.

So who's buying these? People curious for a peek into the mind of a woman who's into plantation weddings? Southern supporters who wouldn't mind attending one? Either way, this may be the first sign that the Deen empire's demise has been greatly exaggerated. A little scandal never hurt nobody.

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[via Publisher'sWeekly]