EA Executive Vice President of Games Patrick Söderlund is excited by the upcoming sequel/reimagining/reboot of Mirror’s Edge. Speaking to GameReactor, he says despite the protypes and tests they’ve done in the past, you need a passionate time to make something worthwhile.

“You want to make sure whatever the team wants to build resonates with the consumers and players,” Söderlund said. He also said it the project would be an “innovative game” that people would be surprised over. So far we know the game is going to be open-world in some capacity. What could “innovative” mean? Whatever it is, Söderlund seems to feel that DICE has hit on the right concept.

I hope that means they’ve done away with weapons entirely – a truly remarkable move, in the unlikely case it were to actually happen, from a company like EA. Check out the full interview below. Let the hype train begin…

Via GameReactor