Smart Match will be the new matchmaking system for Xbox One and is an extension of the current Xbox 360 system. But it will be using Microsoft's new reputation system to sort the wheat from the chaff of the gaming world.

Users will be paired together based on skill, language and reputation as well as some other criteria such as age and the ambiguously sounding "specific gameplay style." As far as our experience has been there is always room for improvement in matchmaking but its hard to weed out all the derps.

One exciting new feature is the ability to be paired quickly and jump right into a game waiting in lobbies, allowing you - with digital games - to play one while you're waiting for another to be set up. Xbox suggests reading Reddit on the console with the new Snap mode that allows you to do two things simultaneously, about time.

Once the match is finalized, you'll receive a notification to pull you back into the original game. This sounds either incredibly handy or very frustrating, we'll see how it really works when Xbox One drops later this year.

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