Hologram technology is one of those things that has always astounded us, but often seemed too far off or too futuristic to ever be seen outside of sci-fi movies and video games. As we saw at last year's Coachella, however, the capabilities of holography are much farther along than one might think. By using a laser to imprint an image onto a recording surface, one can copy or reconstruct almost anything, and then project it out in 3D form using a camera.

Of course, with all the expenses associated with setting up your own hologram, it isn't likely that the Average Joe will be sending out copies of himself around the world anytime soon. But for those with deep enough pockets, anything is possible, and to show you what the technology can do right now, we put together a History of Celebrity Holograms for your viewing pleasure. Ah, to be one of the beautiful people. 

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