This week Google released a video and an online app asking for people to help expand its Maps coverage. The application requires interested trekkers to describe why they want to take on this journey, where they would like to help, and if they would be able to acquire the necessary permissions to access the destination.

“If you’re a tourism board, non-profit, university, research organization, or other third party who can gain access and help collect imagery of hard to reach places, you can apply to borrow the Trekker and help map the world,” Google wrote.

The Trekker is one of the many pieces of equipment that Google officially uses for Street View imagery. It is a 42-pound backpack that allows a wearer to access areas where bulkier camera rigs cannot navigate.

"As the operator walks, photos are taken roughly every 2.5 seconds. Our first collection using this camera technology was taken along the rough, rocky terrain of Arizona’s Grand Canyon," Google said of the Trekker. 

For those feeling adventurous, there is still time to apply. For more, go here (click "Trekker").

[via ArsTechnica]