A man and his girlfriend were arrested on marijuana possession and gun possession charges last month, and it's all because of a tell-tale bullet hole left in a neighbor's swimming pool. Police in Montauk, N.Y. linked the bullet to the home of William Evans, 62, who admitted that he had guns in his house (he collects them) and allowed the officers to enter. Inside, police reported seeing a marijuana plant out in the open. It was all downhill from there.

Officers also found multiple marijuana plants sitiing under a grow light, two unregistered guns in the living room, a bag of weed, a pipe and another room full of plants. Evans admitted to accidentally shooting his neighbor's above-ground pool while firing at rabbits that were drawing foxes to his property. Apparently, the foxes were scaring his dogs.

Evans and 57-year-old Patricia Felden were released on $250 bail last month. Police confiscated Evans' treasured collection of guns.

[via Gawker]