With Capcom likely having all but taken away the reigns to Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory may have outed some unannounced project in a new studio reel from the UK developer.

While the reel seems to be just a recount of the games the studio has made – behind the scenes and in-game footage from Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DmC are all featured in the video – there is also what appears to be early footage of an unannounced game that borrows a Psychonauts-style aesthetic and may star a blue-haired female protagonist (seen beating up some enemies in quick-spliced cuts between known titles).

The video has surfaced about the same time the Cambridge-based studio started advertising for new blood to work on an unrevealed next-gen title, which could be what the concept art and video footage belongs to. More mysteriously, Ninja Theory thanks Microsoft in their list of publishing partners (alongside Sony Entertainment Europe, Capcom and Enslaved publisher Namco-Bandai).

The last time NT worked directly for Microsoft was on Kung-Fu Chaos back in 2003 – not this console generation, in other words. Could their “thanks for a kickass generation” message be a fluke? Might this footage be of an Xbox One game?

For now, it’s your call. Check out the trailer below.

Via Vimeo