Show: Homeland (Showtime)
Date: 10/21/2012

Homeland fans live in perpetual fear of their favorite show becoming 24. Creators Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon worked together on the Kiefer Sutherland vehicle before creating Homeland, and though the two shows have similar subject matter, 24 often went for style whereas Homeland goes for substance. When a major event occurs on Homeland it isn't met with the ecstatic glee that Scandal and Revenge fans muster up for big moments, but instead, a chicken little mentality breaks out as fans fear that the level of the show's craftsmanship is falling.

The expectations were incredibly high after the stellar first season of the show, and the result was a fan base that partook obsessively of Monday morning quarterbacking. Even if you managed to avoid Twitter for several days after a major plot point, odds are even casual TV fans were spoiled by the analyses and theories that cropped up from the Homeland fans turned conspiracy theorists. The Internet reached a consensus after season two that the show failed to reach it's season one heights. Maybe now this means that we can all get back to watching Homeland without obsessing over what the quality of Homeland is going to be.