We have all been the victims of Twitter television spoilers. Before the rise of the instant Internet reaction, you almost had to go out of your way to have a major TV event spoiled for you. You had to willfully walk to the water cooler or unfold that newspaper in order to have your day ruined. Now, all you have to do is turn on your computer or tap your smart phone to life to lose the surprises your favorite TV show was supposed to bring you. Often we run into spoilers without thinking about it, as our Internet habits have become muscle memory.

The massive Twitter reaction to the Game of Thrones Red Wedding has led to much spoiler-based soul searching. What are the responsibilities of those who have seen the episode as it aired to those of us who were stuck at work or with family? What constitutes a spoiler? What makes one spoiler worse than another?

This got us thinking about what spoilers have had the biggest impact on us as we carelessly scrolled through our Twitter feeds without watching the episode first. Why do certain spoilers make our blood boil, while me meet others with a shrug and a "I saw that one coming"? We've looked back over the last several years of Twitter ruining TV for next-day viewers and ranked the 25 Unforgivable Twitter TV Spoilers That You're Still Upset About.

And, oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT.

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