It was back in 2001 when Apple first rolled out its podcasts services. Now just a little more than a decade later, the company is celebrating its 1 billionth (!) podcast subscription through iTunes.

With over 250,000 unique podcasts transmitting more than eight million episodes, podcasting has become a major method of delivering audio content to audiences. "Podcasting has transformed the media landscape,” Apple states on a new podcast promotion page for the occasion. From the page—which you can check out in the podcast section of iTunes—you can find select podcasts Apple has categorized under 'Classic', 'What's Hot', and 'New and Noteworthy'. There, you'll find podcasts such as 'Real Time with Bill Maher', 'This American Life', 'TED Talks' and 'NPR: All Songs Considered'. “We’ve been podcasting basically since the iPod came out in 2001,” says Zach Brand, vice president of digital media for NPR. “We have a very healthy partnership with Apple. They come out with great products and we have great content, and they work great together.”

What's your favorite podcast subscription so far?

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[via Cult of Mac]