This is the worst way to get busted. 

On Monday, an SUV was involved in a car accident on Route 78 west in New Jersey, ejecting a package of marijuana from the window. According to authorities, the package is worth $114,00. 

Forty-eight year-old Paulette Murray says she lost control of the vehicle after being cut off by another car. She suffered an arm laceration during the crash that resulted in blood loss; her passenger, 58-year-old Pauline Douglas-Dawkins escaped with just minor injuries. 

Following the carsh, authorities say they witnessed Douglas-Dawkins try to cover what used to be cardboard box with a blanket. That box, which was lined with fabric softener, held a large bundle of marijuana. Additional packages were found inside of the vehicle. 

Douglas-Dawkins was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Murray, who's still in the hospital, will be charged at a later date.