Well that didn't take long.

Developers for Wicked Paradise announce the world's first virtual reality erotic adventure game destined for the Oculus Rift.

Jeroen Van Den Bosch, CEO and Founder of Wicked Paradise, formerly dubbed Sinful Robot, aim to fill an under-served area of the game market. Good old fashioned porn games. "We have hundreds of beautifully crafted shooter games but not a single well designed erotic video game,"Vand Den Bosch explained.

He went on in an interview with Road To VR that other attempts at erotic games were "ridiculously bad" and thinks the immersion of the virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift, will produce sexier results.

It's no surprise that Wicked Paradise will begin as a male heterosexual fantasy game, though Van Den Bosch hopes to later serve all stripes in what we can only imagine will be the strangest list of downloadable content ever. The game will be delivered in an episodic format as well as a series featuring LGBT themes.

"One of the biggest questions I had before we stated on this journey was: 'Can a virtual woman inside a virtual world actually make you genuinely horny?'"

Van Den Bosch and Wicked Paradise are going to try.

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[Via RoadToVr]